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The beep test CD is ideal for assessing your level of fitness. It provides participants with an objective and structured examination to assess their vo2 max in this maximal fitness test. The beep test is one of the most conventional fitness tests available. This beep test CD is suitable for use in schools, corporate environments and sporting associations. If you are preparing for the examinations to obtain entry into the fire department, police force, gaol personnel or the defence force, you will be required to pass the beep test. By getting your hands on this beep test CD, you can prepare yourself for this test effectively and be assured of passing the examination on testing day. To begin the beep test, you must set up a flat 20 metre running distance on a hard surface (grass or sand will not produce accurate results due to the more difficult terrain). You will be running back and forth on this distance. This beep test CD will play periodic tones that will become faster the longer you remain active in the test. As each tone sounds, you must reach the opposite side of your 20 metre running track. Eventually you will reach the point of maximal exertion, where you record your score. Your score will be divided up into levels and shuttles. Approximately every minute, you progress a level. However during each level, there are multiple shuttles. The faster you are running (as the test progresses), the more shuttles there will be per level. For each shuttle, 20m of running should be completed.

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