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Portable Gametime Scoreboard

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Awesome Product!

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Is a versatile portable scoring, timekepping and audio player system for your gaming event. From street-hockey in your driveway to a basketball match at the community center, you can play like the pros. Hear the GAMETIME SCOREBOARD sound effect generated stadium roar in the heat of the competition while blasting your favorite tunes with the MP3/Audio player. Battery powered and remote controlled, the GAMETIME SCOREBOARD is an essential piece of sporting equipment that enhances your game experience. Included in the package: • Remote Control: Pocket sized RF remote control. • Microphone: AC & Battery powered. Features: • Game Clock – Countdown/Up timer and buzzer. • Portable music player – Anolog Line-In 3.5mm jack for use with ANY audio device. • Home and away score counter. • Audio line out for connecting to external amplifiers. • Built in USB port for MP3 playback. • Period tracker (Tracks periods, innings, quarters ect.) • Sound Effects (Customizable team-specific chants). • Two powerful 10w speakers.

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